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Our English phrases:

-       I like pizza’s (Randy)

-       I’m Daan Rademaker and I like to game (Daan Rademaker)

-       I love dancing (Senna)

-       I’m Melvin and I have a cat (Melvin)

-       I have a dog; Tommie (Ilse)

-       I like sports (Lester)

-       My favourite animal is a dolphin (Babet)

-       I’m nine years old and I like pancakes (Iris)

-       My favourite colour is blue (Daan v/d Ploeg)

-       I have got one sister (Dora)

-       My favourite school is the Marskramer (Leonie)

-       Cats are my favourite animals (Tygo)

-       I’m having fourteen birds (Sven)

-       My favourite colour is green (Thomas)

-       I like the fair (Angelina)

-       I’ve got a cat and his name is Freekie (Ivar)

-       I have got a dog (Alysha)

-       I have got a cat and the name is beer (Dylan)

-       The colour of my eyes is bleu (Nienke)

-       I’m Iwan and I am nine years old (Iwan)

-       I like New Years Eve (Jason)
-         I'm the teacher (Femke)

Greetings group 6a

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